What makes adventures or campaigns set in the world of Empires different from other Dungeons & Dragons game experiences?

How different it is depends largely on you. You can use Empires as the back drop to a traditional Dungeons & Dragons game if you like. Everything that exists in D&D fits in just fine in Empires, and the world can enrich your game with its own distinctive monsters, magic, nations, and cultures. Any adventure you create or purchase should work for characters in Empires.

What the Empires campaign setting offers is an opportunity to enhance your game with a different flavor from the traditional high fantasy of most D&D campaigns. It features a blend of dungeon crawling, quick paced adventure, and dark political mystery. In this long period of peace, conspiracies and cabals fight in the shadows to gain power and influence. In this environment even a simple dungeon crawl- the most basic D&D experience -becomes the center of a web of intrigue and betrayal.

This section explores the various elements of plot, background, flavor, and magical technology you can use to imbue your Empires campaign with the rich atmosphere appropriate to the setting.

The World of Empires

Campaign Themes

Global Threats

Dungeon Delving




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