The World of Empires


The World of Empires

The world of Empires takes place on one continent broken into three distinct subcontinents. Each has its own magic and is peopled by a vast array of creatures, and teeming with life. In the north the Aethian empire reigns supreme over humans, elves, halflings and raegeants. The southern subcontinent of Dorugon is run by a council of monsters. The mysterious south eastern arm of the continent is a cold world of mystery.


The Northern arm of the continent is controlled by the ancient Aethian Empire. The climate here ranges from subtropical forest in the northern Godwood to massive stony peaks in Sargonia, from wide hilly prairie in Homestead to dark swamps in Raegeant. The land also goes from spawling metropolitan cities in the Aethian homeland which stands in stark contrast to the lush tree cities of the elven world. The large Aethian empire is home to any number of settings, and ruins of Sargon’s conquest of the land eons ago still litter the world and serve as breeding grounds for beasts and monsters alike. Magical ley lines were discovered and taken advantage of 100 years ago, and their effects are visible in everyday life. Ley Galleons patrol the seas and magic extraction facilities abound along the lines themselves, and the energy they produce fuel Atheias industry. The Empire now sets its lustful eye southward to the wastes that have served as a southern barrier between Aethia and Darugon, and the two empires of the world await to meet at the staging ground.


Dwarven Wastes and Mysterious South East

The World of Empires

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